Killer 4 Min Ripped Abs Workout

1 CRAZY tip to get abs: Hey…what’s up! In this episode, I bring you an abs workout that will get your core ripped with mul…

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18 Responses to Killer 4 Min Ripped Abs Workout

  1. MrKarlEB says:

    If you’re looking to lose fat, you should focus on your diet and any workout that involves your hearth to pump faster then it usually does. With all the things I’ve read, I’d say you need to combine these two to be in a caloric deficit at the end of the day. Just fix yourself a goal (not a very short term one).

  2. michiganlover12 says:

    He needs to lose some of the fat by jogging if he wants his abs to be sculpted

  3. dre2kule says:

    I honestly am getting sick of hearing the words “abs” and “quick” thrown together, especially when used with working out. To be toned, you need to LOWER YOUR BODY FAT! No offense to Mike here, but working out will build muscle, but you won’t be able to see it if you don’t have a supporting diet…if you can’t or won’t change your diet, then just do some type of HIIT…you will get ripped results fastest from that.

  4. Jim Reid says:

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  5. PhilosophicalBum21 says:

    Nah, the dumb bell shouldn’t be too heavy. Mike’s dumb bell was 15 pounds in the video. But I bet you can go a little lighter like 10 pounds if you’re just starting out. Work your way from the bottom up. Good luck!

  6. kochclizav says:

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  7. Florin Iordănoaia says:

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  8. pankysy26 says:

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  9. redeagleuk01 says:

    Lies, do you even lift?!

  10. illbill89eight says:

    You can also replace the dumbell with an infant. works great!

  11. Francis Chen says:

    I did this at the gym and everyone laughed at me :P Wts….

  12. avinash reddy says:

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  13. JohnnyWalk810 says:

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  14. Jonas Steggo says:

    can i do this with a kettlebell?

  15. Light Twins says:

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  16. uki1995pionsquare says:

    I’ve done one rep of this routine because I’m just getting started,love the eights and doing them more i feel the results in my hands after just one day…it’s not that much of a result but it’s doing good for my ego…also made combinations with some of your abs exercises so i can make up to reps i don’t do…you helped me a lot :D so thanks ^_^

  17. kimmo love says:

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  18. carlos muñoz says:

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